Use & Licensing

Free use

The Evidencio platform is free to use for personal and academic use. We've been working on the Evidencio platform based on the premise that it can be delivered as a free service, as long as your use of our services isn't on behalf of any third party, intended to provide a service or make money. In other words, you're more than welcome to use our services for free, for your own personal, academic or other non-commercial use.

Licensing & Subscriptions

Subscriptions for commercial use of the Evidencio platform

If your intended use of Evidencio does not match the free use conditions, for example if you do intend to use Evidencio as part of a health care proces in a hospital, Evidencio offers fair subscription and licensing options. It is our aim to provide fair pricing and conditions for use of the Evidencio platform for a wide range of commercial use cases and value chains.

Please get in touch to discus a fitting proposition or to get connected to a certified reseller.

Content Licensing

A content licensing subscription opens up possibilities for you to license your (institutional-) intellectual property (IP) for use through the Evidencio platform. You can license your IP for use by all Evidencio users or a specific subset users, for free or at a fair price.

Please get in touch for detailed information.

Your use of the websites, applications, apps or services provided by Evidencio is subject to our Terms & Conditions

Featured partner

Brightingale is the implementation partner for professional use of Evidencio in everyday medical practice. In order to use Evidencio professionally at your practice or hospital, please contact Brightingale. Through its partnership with Brightingale, Evidencio provides you with the option to integrate the Evidencio platform with your Electronic Health Records (EHR). This makes access to the prediction models on Evidencio even easier for you, and will allow you to directly save prediction results for each patient.