PREP models: Prediction of complications in early-onset pre-eclampsia
The PREP-L and PREP-S models are externally validated prognostic models predicting the risk of complications in early-onset pre-eclampsia.PREP-L is a logistic regression model, predicting adverse outcomes by discharge. PREP-S is a survival regression model, predicting adverse outcomes over several timepoints from baseline. 

An evaluation of the impact of the PREP models in clinical practice is still required. 

PREP models can be used to obtain predictions of adverse maternal outcome risk, including early preterm delivery, by 48 hours (PREP-S) and by discharge (PREP-L), in women with early onset pre-eclampsia in the context of current care.
Research authors: Shakila Thangaratinam, John Allotey, Nadine Marlin, Julie Dodds, Fiona Cheong-See, Peter von Dadelszen, Wessel Ganzevoort, Joost Akkermans, Sally Kerry, Ben W. Mol, Karl. G.M. Moons, Richard D. Riley, Khalid S. Khan
Version: 1.6
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