Partin Tables update 2013 by Eifler et al.
Objective was to update the 2007 Partin tables in a contemporary
patient population.
Pathological stage after radical prostatectomy can be accurately predicted by serum prostate-specific antigen level, clinical stage and biopsy Gleason sum, the ‘Partin tables’. Since the previous publication of the Partin tables, an updated Gleason scoring system has been established and incremental changes have occurred in the clinical characteristics of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer. The current analysis updates the Partin nomogram in a contemporary cohort of patients.
Research authors: John B. Eifler, Zhaoyang Feng, Brian M. Lin, Michael T. Partin, Elizabeth B. Humphreys, Misop Han, Johan I. Epstein, Patrick C. Walsh, Bruce J. Trock, Alan W. Partin
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