Tailoring the use of central pancreatectomy

Tailoring the use of central pancreatectomy through prediction models for major morbidity and postoperative diabetes: international retrospective multicenter study

Which patients benefit from central pancreatectomy (CP) and should therefore selected?
Findings: The multicenter international study on 838 patients after CP from 51 centers in 19 countries reported major morbidity in 248 (30%) patients, POPF ISGPS grade B/C in 365 (44%), and in-hospital mortality in 11 (1%) and provides two risk models for postoperative major morbidity and endocrine dysfunction after CP.
Meaning: Central pancreatectomy may be considered in patients with symptomatic benign and low-grade lesions in the body and neck of the pancreas since it lowers the risk of endocrine and exocrine insufficiency. The use of CP can be tailored using the risk models for major morbidity and endocrine dysfunction.
Research authors: Eduard van Bodegraven
Version: 1.10
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